"Harriet is passionate and determined, always delivering excellence with an enthusiastic approach. I have huge admiration for her professionalism and drive to make a real difference." 

- Jonathan

"Harriet is incredibly hardworking, knowledgeable and passionate. I would have no hesitation in working with her again." 

- Emma

"Harriet is a truly outstanding colleague. She is balanced in her approach, considerate of others even whilst under significant pressure. She is a true expert in her field."

- Matthew

"Harriet exemplifies exceptional efficiency, professionalism, proactivity, intelligence and diligence. It is truly a pleasure to work alongside a sharp-minded individual who consistently exceeds expectations."

- Nathaniel

"Harriet is a warm and friendly face who is empathetic and an advocate for psychological safety, always doing right by her team. She consistently went above and beyond, creating additional resources that were beneficial for specific use cases. She will be a great asset on any team, personally and professionally."

- Siân

"Harriet is emotionally intelligent, commercially aware and driven. She is bright, learns quickly and always looks to improve efficiency. She consistently delivers to a high standard and is an asset to any team. Harriet always puts others before herself and I highly recommend her."

- Ethan

"Harriet is not only a hard-working and conscientious professional, but also a caring, respectful and helpful colleague. I have always valued Harriet's thoughtfulness and she would always provide me with excellent advice".

- Liam